Coaches Corner – Player Spotlight Cory Ernst

#43 Cory Kealoha Ernst

Cory is a Freshman playing defense/middie.  He is from American Fork.  He is majoring in communications with plans to join the military or a police force, with a goal to be a member of a SWAT team.  Cory’s favorite moment this year:  “One day at practice, I got singled out by a coach for the mistakes I was consistently making. I was disappointed in myself because I knew I could do better. But after the drill was over the coach came and told me that the reason he singled me out was because he sees the potential in me. Knowing that my coach has faith in me gave me more determination to improve myself, and a strong desire to succeed.”  Cory stated that his goal is:  “I want to know the game better than anyone on the team. I want to be able to give my teammates proper guidance where they need, as well as be able to analyze the areas where I need improvement so I can serve my team more effectively.”

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