Our mission is to provide a highly competitive, extremely challenging, dynamic learning and development environment.  Our program fosters an atmosphere of diverse training where Student Athletes are pushed to break through personal limitations.   Our focus is on personal and leadership development that will benefit each student athlete beyond lacrosse.  Our training aim is to build players', athletes and future coaches' with deep integrity, knowledge of the game, and good sportsmanship.

Our student athletes play a major role in the entire Lacrosse community by providing quality training, developmental and advanced clinics.   Additionally, we have partnered with the UVU Autism Speaks program.   Likewise the UVU Lacrosse community is fully engaged in supporting student athlete success on and off the field.


Our vision is to build a connected community where students, educators, coaches and fans can grow together through a positive, competitive and entertaining environment.

UVU will continue to provide opportunities both on and off the field for the development of sound physical, emotional, and general well-being.


We value Integrity, Skill, Leadership, and Community.

  • Integrity, we will coach, communicate and instruct with integrity. We strive to be empathic, effective, and excellent in our instruction to our athletes, families, refs, and greater communities.
  • Skill, we strive to continue to build our skill sets so that we can deliver thoughtful, appropriate instruction.
  • Leadership, we strive to teach student athletes how to be leaders on the field, so that they can positively impact their teams and in their future lives.
  • Community, we strive to give back to our communities by partnering with teams on league fundraisers and ask for feedback to craft play opportunities that each community finds helpful. We strive to develop youth programs that give athletes a space to learn how to play the game as well as provide older athletes the chance to mentor younger athletes through coaching or refereeing.